Egyptian-Style Mashed Fava Beans (Ful / Fool Medammes)

If I had to pick a quintessentially Egyptian meal enjoyed by both the working class and businessmen, young and old, women and men in Egypt on a daily basis … ...

Spicy Fish With Tahini (Samke Harra)

Fish is not a very frequent item in Lebanese homes. This may not be entirely true, but what I mean is: it only ever seems to be served prepared in ...

Gluten-Free Rice Tabbouleh (Tabbouli/Tabbouleh bi Roz)

When my husband was compelled to start eating a gluten-free diet, there followed a period of days when we mourned the food that he would no longer be eating. No more ...

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Spinach and Red Lentil Stew (Sabanikh bi Ads)

  If you ask my kids, “Do you want Spinach?” They will inevitably say no.  Growing up, I actually only had spinach one way – a stew of sorts with ground beef.  Sometimes my mom would spinach in goulash, which is an Egyptian version of the greek phyllo spinach pie, spanakopita.  Nonetheless, I used to gobble my mother’s […]

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Lentils and Lemon Soup (Adass bi-Hamod)

I grew up disliking soup. Ours was not a cooking home, and soup inevitably came out of a packet, to be mixed with boiling water and pretend to be food. I still recall (and recoil at) the bland sadness of the savory liquid with the occasional tiny bit of noodle or vegetable. There was, however, […]

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Interview: Rehaam of Steak and Sass + Recipe for Dukkah Chicken Thighs

I had never come across any paleo food bloggers living in Egypt … So naturally, I was both intrigued and excited to learn about Rehaam, who writes the paleo blog Steak and Sass. For those of you who haven’t heard of paleo, it’s short for “paleolithic” and it is a way of eating that mimics […]

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Roasted Red Beet Hummus Dip

I wanted to come back with a bang, so I decided to post about hummus. With red beets. It’s hot pink. Do I have your attention yet? Yes, I am craving just a little bit of attention with this recipe, because it came to me in my sleep and it actually worked out (as opposed […]

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A Big Welcome to Our New Contributors!

Marhaba (“welcome”) to our old and new readers! Summer turned to fall turned to winter, and after taking some time off, we are very eager to get back to regularly posting and sharing our recipes with you.  We’ve been cooking some stellar Arabic food in our kitchens, all while refining our creativity and fastidiousness to […]

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Interested in joining MidEats? We are seeking Contributors!

Hello MidEats Readers! We have good news for anyone who is looking to get published online and join a growing community focused on sharing traditional and healthy Middle Eastern recipes: we are looking for one to two contributors.  As you know, Heba and Brenda cannot do it all alone, and we want our readers to have access to more voices and make MidEats […]

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Upside Down Chicken and Rice (Maqlooba)

I have very fond memories growing up in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and attending huge palestinian wedding celebrations.  There was always a dish there, made in a pot so big, my entire family could sit in it. It was Maqlooba, which literally means “flipped over” in Arabic.  There would be juicy bits of lamb (which I always […]

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Looking for Kitchen Inspiration? Reviews of Four Middle Eastern Cookbooks

It’s no secret that I only read cookbooks.  I always go to the bookstore thinking I am going to pick up a great new novel and curl up in bed and get whisked away into a mysterious imaginary world.  Nope. Never happens.  What ends up happening is I quickly get diverted to the cookbook section […]

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Egyptian Hawawshi

“Hawawshi? What the heck is that?” a friend once asked.  Now, I don’t blame her.  The name sounds like some kind of dance move, or the name of a strange character from television.  As one article put it: “[Hawashi] is a cross between a hamburger, a Mexican gordita and a South American empanada.”  In Egypt, they are made […]

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We’re BACK!

Dearest midEATS Readers – It’s been a long time.  Yes, a very long time.  Both Heba and I miss all of our dearest readers and we apologize that we have not been able to post more regularly. This past year has brought its fair share of ups and down – both exciting and difficult– that […]

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