Braised Artichoke Hearts with Buttery Egyptian Rice (Kharshuf bil Roz)

I was introduced to artichokes on my summer vacations to Egypt as a child. My grandmother, sweet as she is, would make a large pot of savory braised artichokes and ...


Foraging for Wild Grape Leaves

Why, hello grape leaves. Yes, you, draped over the guard rail, along Route 50.  You’re going to be my dinner tonight. You don’t necessarily have to wander far or deep into ...


Middle Eastern Cabbage Slaw

 How do you fit a rainbow into a bowl? I’ve heard it said before:  eat the rainbow!  Well, this classic Middle Eastern salad is a showstopper, with its hues of ...

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How to Make the Best Homemade Bone Broth

In this post, I’ll be sharing with you the method of how to make the best, most flavorful homemade bone broth, which is used in most traditional cooking cultures as a base for many dishes. Whenever a recipe calls for chicken or beef broth, we typically assume that you have to boil the meat. Another […]

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Burghul Balls with Sumac (Zingol bi Summaq)

The other day while delving into my mom’s old battered copy of the 70’s cookbook from which I derive most of the recipes I’m posting, I found an intriguing dish that I had never, ever heard of, and for which even Google yields no search results: zingol bi summaq, or burghul balls with sumac. It is […]

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Sesame-Honey Fudge with Pistachio (Halaweh / Halawa)

Halaweh, (also called halawa, halwa, halva)  is a dense, sweet, nutty-tasting confection, made with many variations throughout the Middle East, the Mediterranean, and  eastern Europe. It is a fudge made with tahini, or sesame paste, mixed with sugar that has been boiled to the hard-rock stage, and then formed into a block. You can find a number of flavors of […]

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Egyptian-Style Mashed Fava Beans (Ful / Fool Medammes)

If I had to pick a quintessentially Egyptian meal enjoyed by both the working class and businessmen, young and old, women and men in Egypt on a daily basis … it would have to be ful medammes and ta’ameya (Egyptian falafel made with mashed fava beans instead of chickpeas used in other parts of the Middle East). Koshary […]

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Spicy Fish With Tahini (Samke Harra)

Fish is not a very frequent item in Lebanese homes. This may not be entirely true, but what I mean is: it only ever seems to be served prepared in foreign ways, and the only Lebanese fish recipe I’ve ever encountered at home is sayadieh, a dish so “fishy” in smell it nearly made a […]

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Gluten-Free Rice Tabbouleh (Tabbouli/Tabbouleh bi Roz)

When my husband was compelled to start eating a gluten-free diet, there followed a period of days when we mourned the food that he would no longer be eating. No more freekeh, he said, as I thought of the giant sack of freekeh in my cupboard. No more fatayer, he mused, as we planned out the week’s meals. […]

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feature post sabanikh

Spinach and Red Lentil Stew (Sabanikh bi Ads)

  If you ask my kids, “Do you want Spinach?” They will inevitably say no.  Growing up, I actually only had spinach one way – a stew of sorts with ground beef.  Sometimes my mom would spinach in goulash, which is an Egyptian version of the greek phyllo spinach pie, spanakopita.  Nonetheless, I used to gobble my mother’s […]

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Adass bhamod recipe

Lentils and Lemon Soup (Adass bi-Hamod)

I grew up disliking soup. Ours was not a cooking home, and soup inevitably came out of a packet, to be mixed with boiling water and pretend to be food. I still recall (and recoil at) the bland sadness of the savory liquid with the occasional tiny bit of noodle or vegetable. There was, however, […]

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Interview: Rehaam of Steak and Sass + Recipe for Dukkah Chicken Thighs

Interview: Rehaam of Steak and Sass + Recipe for Dukkah Chicken Thighs

I had never come across any paleo food bloggers living in Egypt … So naturally, I was both intrigued and excited to learn about Rehaam, who writes the paleo blog Steak and Sass. For those of you who haven’t heard of paleo, it’s short for “paleolithic” and it is a way of eating that mimics […]

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Roasted Red Beet Hummus Dip

I wanted to come back with a bang, so I decided to post about hummus. With red beets. It’s hot pink. Do I have your attention yet? Yes, I am craving just a little bit of attention with this recipe, because it came to me in my sleep and it actually worked out (as opposed […]

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