Interested in joining midEATS? We are seeking Contributors!

Hello midEATS Readers!

We have good news for anyone who is looking to get published online and join a growing community focused on sharing traditional and healthy Middle Eastern recipes: we are looking for one to two contributors.  As you know, Heba and Brenda cannot do it all alone, and we want our readers to have access to more voices and make midEATS a true community of regular contributors.

Here’s how it’ll go down:

From now till the end of November 2013, you can send an email to midEATS (at) gmail (dot) com introducing yourself, and include an attached document containing an entry to be featured on midEATS.

You can do any one of the following:

(1) reminisce about a childhood or more recent memory involving Middle Eastern food,

(2) review an Arabic restaurant you checked out,

(3) review a Middle Eastern recipe you found or tried before,

(4) share your own recipe, OR

(5) write a post about a Middle Eastern ingredient and how you use it (check out the ‘spotlight ingredient’ posts on midEATS for an idea of how we usually put these together).

Some tips for a successful entry: Use your words as a paintbrush. Use action verbs. Provide legit links. Try to keep it at a reasonable length (no more than two pages of text and 5 photographs).

The Requirements!

–       As a midEATS contributor, you must be committed to writing at least ONE post per month.

–       Your posts must focus on using healthy and natural ingredients (i.e., no bouillon cubes like Maggi, fake butter or margarine, or other processed ingredients).

–       Your posts must be related to the Middle East — this can be through an Middle Eastern ingredient, a traditional recipe, or some fusion of sorts.

–       You must own/have access to a good camera! One of the most important aspects to food blogging is taking good quality pictures to entice the reader to cook and try out your recipe.

The Perks!

–       Get an online following … we know it’s not a popularity contest, but it still feels good to publish content online (not to mention the bonus of having content to provide for anyone interested in checking out your writing and photography skills).

–       If you already have your own site, contributing on midEATS will give you the unique opportunity to promote your web content and introduce yourself to more readers.


We look forward to receiving your submissions and growing the team of midEATS writers!

Bil Hana wal Shifa, 

Heba & Brenda

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