Middle Eastern Food

Why Middle Eastern Food?

The Middle East is expansive and for purposes of our site – encompasses North Africa, and the Arabian Gulf.  You will find recipes spanning from Morocco, Egypt, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, and a sprinkling of Iranian and Turkish cuisine as well.

Why Middle Eastern food? Simple question. Three reasons:

The first reason is that I am Egyptian-American. Although I wear multiple professional hats, I started this blog to document and share traditional family recipes. Growing up around so many Arab Americans and having lived in the Middle East, this is the cuisine that I know best.

The second reason is that I spent the years scouring the internet for an informative, interactive, and comprehensive resource on Middle Eastern food… but to no avail. We decided that “enough is enough” (kefaya as we say in Arabic), and that the world needs to have access to a quality, accessible resource on how to cook traditional Middle Eastern food.

The third reason is that we have grown up with the festive culture of the Middle East and have enjoyed it throughout our lives. There is nothing in the world like a celebration or a special occasion celebrated with Arabs and/or North Africans, and we want everyone to share the excitement! The jovial spirit of Middle Eastern culture is often embodied in food — food is a mere expression and reflection of the festive and familial heart of the people.

Here at midEATS, we want to convey the delights that are central to a traditional Middle Eastern table. So sit back and let us try as best we can to transport you to some of the places where these meals originate.

Try one of our recipes, or email us at brenda [at] mideats [dot] com to share yours.

Bil hana wil shifa – to your health and happiness!