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Pomegranate Salad (Salata Rumman)

Print Recipe Pomegranate Salad (Salata Rumman) 2 roma tomatoes, diced 1 large english cucumber, diced 1 large pomegranate, seeded Prep Time 10 minutes Servings people Ingredients 2 roma tomatoes diced1 large english cucumber diced1 large pomegranate seeded2 carrots diced1 tbsp olive oil1 tbsp balsamic vinegarpinch salt Prep Time 10 minutes […]

Fasanjoon (Walnut and Pomegranate Chicken)

Print Recipe Fasanjoon (Walnut and Pomegranate Chicken) Prep Time 20 minutes Cook Time 45 minutes Servings servings Ingredients 1 lb chicken breasts cut into cubes1/2 cup walnuts1 cup onions diced1/2 cup pomegranate molasses2 tbsp sugar1 to 2 cups waterolive oil Marinade 1/2 tsp salt3/4 tsp coriander ground1/2 tsp turmeric1/4 tsp […]