We’re BACK!

Dearest midEATS Readers –

It’s been a long time.  Yes, a very long time.  Both Heba and I miss all of our dearest readers and we apologize that we have not been able to post more regularly. This past year has brought its fair share of ups and down – both exciting and difficult– that have caused us to take pause and focus on a variety of other things.

We have been working closely together on ideas for taking midEATS to a new level, and to pursue opportunities to grow this blog in exciting ways.  Even without posting, we continued to receive thousands of hits, questions, and messages of support.  This has only reiterated and reinforced our commitment to ensure that midEATS continues to provide unique Middle Eastern recipes, information, and health tips to our dearest and loyal readers.

We hope you enjoy the exciting changes that are in store, and that you continue to follow us and pursue your own adventures the kitchen!!

Bil Hana wa Shifa –

Heba & Brenda


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