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We don’t like keeping all the recipe secrets and food knowledge to ourselves, so we’ve made it part of MidEats’ mission to “spill the beans” or reveal to our readers the best tricks, secrets and cool places that we’ve come across — or tried ourselves — in the world of Middle Eastern food.  So, we’ll be sharing information through “Reviews, News, and Interviews” about Middle Eastern food.


As we visit the Middle Eastern food hot spot – whether in the United States, in Cairo or Abu Dhabi – we’ll share it here! Our taste buds are used to traditional Middle Eastern cooking, so we’ll be able to tell imitations from the real deal (to spare you the trouble of dishing out  a pretty penny for a measly falafel sandwich).

We also use quite a lot of Middle Eastern ingredients in our cooking – and with one of us living in the States, fresh Middle Eastern grape leaves (to give you an example) aren’t that easy to come by! So whenever we use a good brand or a local source of Middle Eastern food – we’ll review it here and link it to the appropriate post, so you too can make the best choice at the supermarket (or farmer’s market!).


Since we also enjoy staying up-to-date with the most recent news about food, food politics, and mealtime traditions, we will be sharing whatever news we find interesting on MidEats. There are a growing number of articles in the media specifically relating to Middle Eastern cuisine, culture, and agriculture, and of course, there is no better place to collect these tidbits and present them than on MidEats. Also, we will be sharing any news features that mention MidEats!


Word-of-mouth still rules in most Middle Eastern cultures, as this is the primary way recipes are passed down from one generation to the next. While there have been many advancements in the way Middle Easterners make food – in many cases, even adaptations of traditional meals have become mainstream – the gold is in the original recipes. In an attempt to keep the ancient traditions alive, we have consulted with our own grandmothers, mothers and aunts, to get insight from the wisest in our communities on how to cook Middle Eastern and North African recipes, and to examine variations on the formulas of the old trusted cookbooks. Whenever we interview Teta (‘grandmother’ in Arabic), we’ll be sure to translate the conversation and include it in this section.

We believe that it is not just important to interview old-timers in the food world, but also to get the low-down on how each and every cook who appreciates the Middle Eastern palate has adapted traditional recipes to their liking. As much as we value recipes that have been passed down, we also appreciate innovation, and we welcome guests posts and interviews with chefs by profession, food bloggers, foodies, restaurant and food business owners and self-proclaimed chefs extraordinaire in their own private kitchens … If you or someone you know fits that description, shoot us an email at mideats (at) gmail (dot) com and we will feature you on MidEats, complete with a bio and a link back to your site or business!

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