MidEATS Guest Post on Nourished Kitchen: Freekeh with Braised Lamb Pilaf


I’m stoked. You see, even before I started blogging, I’ve been an avid food-blog-reader. I just like to read about good food, to cook good food and to … you guessed it, eat good food! One of the first blogs I came across in my early blogging days is Nourished Kitchen, a site focused traditional real food, made with wholesome farm-fresh, seasonal ingredients. Jenny, author of Nourished Kitchen has been an inspiration for me from day one. I learned all about bone broth from her, and I even baked a few of her cakes, including the upside down pineapple cake, which I attempted for my birthday this year (you can take a look at how it turned out in this Facebook picture). So, when Jenny kindly reached out and suggested that I write a guest post on a traditional Egyptian recipe to be featured on Nourished Kitchen, I was absolutely thrilled. I deliberated for a while on what I’d like to share. I settled on a fireek (freekeh) pilaf, a safe bet, but with no compromises on the taste!

Fireek pilaf is one of my absolute favorite meals – hands down. Toasted ancient green wheat, mixed with braised grass-finished lamb that is sauteed in ghee. The pilaf is topped with toasted pine nuts. It pairs nicely with a minty yogurt sauce and pomegranate arils for tartness. Can anyone ask for more?

I invite you to hop on over to Jenny’s lovely site to read the background to my freekeh recipe (I like the ring of that, hah), check out the history of this nutrient-dense ancient grain, and understand a bit more about how to prepare it properly for optimal taste and smoothest digestion. I have updated the MidEATS recipe collection here to include the freekeh pilaf recipe, so you can be able to easily find it if you search the site at any point. For now, take a look at the guest post on Nourished Kitchen for more details on how to prepare this traditional dish.

Guest posts are a blast — we’d love to feature you if you’re a blogger or home cook who has mastered a Middle Eastern specialty! Email us at mideats at gmail dot com. Salam!

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