Thanks for stopping by at MidEats! We’re here to present to you the best Middle Eastern food website the internet has ever seen … and that’s a promise. We created this site not only to teach the world how to cook Middle Eastern food, but more importantly to show others how to enjoy the cooking process! We know that it isn’t just the food that makes Middle Eastern food so great: it’s the ingredients, history, and preparation that turns any good food into a truly delicious meal. Laced throughout our posts, you’ll find delightful stories of Middle Eastern cuisine and culture, in addition to age-old traditional recipes, fun allergy-free adaptations of Middle Eastern classics, and in-depth articles on exotic Arabic ingredients and food traditions.

We will be posting our favorite recipes, originally scribbled on napkins, jotted in notebooks, or chronicled online, and tried — usually many times more than once — in our kitchens. We will also be interviewing Middle Eastern food connoisseurs, including our mothers, grandmothers, aunts and food-savvy friends to make sure we are providing you with some of the most authentic recipes from the different regions of the Middle East — from Baghdad to Marrakesh. As much as we love traditional recipes, we also love to experiment and add our own twist, so don’t be surprised if you come across a Middle Eastern recipe that embraces global cuisine as well!

Enjoyment comes with learning something new. We hope you enjoy our website!

Bil hana wi shifa! (With joy and good health!)

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